AMANDRO CAPITAL has extensive experience in real estate developments, golf courses and land management.

The main partners have more than 30 years combined experience developing projects on the Costa del Sol with more than 5,000 homes delivered, among which is the urbanisation of CALANOVA GOLF.

Now, they bring to reality what is to be the most spectacular real estate project on the Costa del Sol: ONE RESIDENCES.


IBERO CAPITAL MANAGEMENT have a solid capacity for origination and management of investments and financing of assets and real estate developments.

With more than 100,000 million euros of financing originated or managed and the development of more than 7,000 homes, its team has an unparalleled experience that provides solidity and rigor to the projects in which it participates.


HCP is a multidisciplinary consultancy that combines architecture, engineering and urbanism. With 2,700 projects in more than 40 countries, HCP has reached international recognition for their iconic buildings and their commitment to design with excellence, innovation and sustainability.

Founded in 1986 and with headquarters in Málaga, it is growing around the world, with offices in Madrid, Brazil, Bahrain and Nigeria. In addition, it has partner offices in Morocco, Romania, Cape Verde and Egypt.

We approach each project as a unique challenge. Our integrated practice brings together experts in architecture, interior design, engineering and urban planning to create innovative solutions. Collaboration is a guiding force in HCP, since we believe that the best results come from a continuous dialogue with all the interested parties regarding our clients as partners.


DREAM EXCLUSIVES is a company designed with you in mind: our client. We dedicate all our efforts to give our clients the best service. For this we invest the time that each client needs in the process of buying their home on the Costa de Sol. We work together with developers and architects to create the perfect home for our buyers. We have put passion into the whole process; from the creation of the project, to the handover of keys.

DREAM EXCLUSIVES also offer a complete after-sales service. We accompany you to all the way to completion, so that you feel comfortable, assured and ready to enjoy your new home. Thank you for trusting us.


VREIM provides comprehensive technical support and construction management services in Andalucia. Facilitating engineering, architecture, financial and legal solutions in all stages of an investment life cycle. VREIM advises investors based on the risk profile, asset class and location, in accordance to their investment criteria.

VREIM ensures a complete technical platform to maximise opportunities and optimize the efficiency of construction projects, from start to finish.


Roche Bobois is a French interior design company that has been producing luxury furniture for 60 years. With more than 250 stores world-wide, our brand is characterised by originality and a high-level of customisation. We craft our furniture in collaboration with famous international designers and in conjunction with high-end fashion houses, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Missoni Home. Our pieces are unique and produced exclusively in Europe, respecting natural materials and environmental concerns.